In 1989 I became a Disabled Veteran after service 12 years of Active Duty.  In the 1990's I was a Board Member of a National Disability acy Nonprofit Organization.  We were one of the many groups who traveled to Wahington to Lobby for the passage of the s With Disabilities Act (ADA)  (See Movie:  Music Within).

A few years ago Sarasota was named "The Meanest City In America".  This was after the enactment of a Sidewalk Obstruction Ordinance to prevent Homeless People from sitting or camping on sidewalks.  It is unfortunate that in Florida Utility Posts have more Rights than People.  Utility Posts can sit on sidewalks but not People?.  This type of Ordinance reminds me of The Ugly Laws (see The Ugly Laws - Disability In Public by Susan M. Schseik).

The Ugly Laws
                        Book Cover 

"any person who is diseased, maimed, mutilated, or in any way deformed, so as to be an unsightly or disgusting object […] shall not therein or thereon expose himself to public view" - Chicago City Council 1881

I could not understand why the State would let their Contractor obstruct the sidewalk and install Deadly Wheelchair Curb Cuts.  Then I read how Florida is the most corrupt State with 1,762 of Florida’s public officials have been convicted of public corruption since 1976. From 2000 to 2010, there have been an average of 71 convictions each year — and 107 convictions in 2000 alone, the worst year on record.  I wonder how many of these Convicted Government Officials were FDOT Officials?   It would be nice to see an update to this Huffington Post Article

Coruption Image

My Whistle Blower Complaint is about Corrupt Government Officials who have committed a Fraud which has directly resulted in many deaths.  Nobody in the County, State, Federal Government, and even NGO's and Non-Profit Disability Advocacy Agencies has ever responded in the past 16 years.  Perhaps they don't reply because of the Sunshine Law and their reply would be part of the Public   I can tell by my Web Stats that very few have bothered to read this online complaint.  Perhaps this is because if you visit this website from a work computer or phone it will also be part of the Public Record.   If they had nothing to hide, then they could reply. Record. 

I know they hear my whistle, it is not a Dog Whistle, because  there has been Whistle Blower Retaliation.  They have blocked me from commenting on the Facebook Pages of Sarasota County, my County Commissioner, all FDOT Facebook Pages, and the FHWA Facebook Page, so much for Free Speech.  My use of the SCAT Disabled Persons Bus Service has been restricted to only going to the VA Bus Stop and back

About 22 Veterans commit suicide every day.  I will never be one of them.  I also don't believe FDOT OIG Investigator Rodney Lemme committed suicide.  However, someday I may be run over by an Alsup Truck (Alsup is the Billionaire Contractor who obstructed our sidewalk  They are in the news now a lot because of the Wild Fires in California.) 

The Sarasota County Commission

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Florida Government Officials wouldn't do anything about Fraud and Corruption if they walked right into it.  Oh yeah, they don't have to have into it.  Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, and Alexis walked into their Corruption.  The McDermott's dog Charlie stepped on their Corruption.  Now they are all dead (and most likely dozens of others).

I think they are all a bunch of Cowards who are too afraid to remove their Puppet Masters fingers from their rectums!