Human / Civil Rights Attorney Wanted

I say Human / Civil Rights attorney because all Pedestrians deserve a safe Right of Way.  

I found examples of three Fatal Accidents which occurred at crosswalks which far exceed Safety Standards.  I found these by search News Articles for "Pedestrian Killed Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalk.

I think there may be dozens more similiar accents throughout the State.  News Reports report that Pedestrians were not in a Marked Crosswalk, they usually don't say if they were crossing at an Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalk.

Perhaps you could do a FOIA Request with the FDOT to find where they have placed Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks on multiple lane roads with a speed limit over 40mph and
ADT over 20,000.  And, another FOIA Request to see if accidents have occurred at these locations.

An Attorney is needed to sue Sarasota County, and the FDOT, for failing to provide Pedestrians and Cyclists with a safe Right of Way. 

The FDOT should be required to relocate Utility Posts which violate Clear Zone Safety Standards and should stop installing Crosswalks which violate Crosswalk Safety Standards.

This is NOT an ADA Compliance complaint.  ADA Compliance is irreverent.   This is Safety Regulations Compliance Complaint.  All Pedestrians deserve safe access, not just Pedestrians who travel in wheelchairs.

I believe this may qualify as either a Whistle-Blower or Class Action Lawsuit.  I believe the Government is also Unlawfully misrepresenting the ADA to justify violating FHWA Clear Zone Standards and obstructing the sidewalk.

Please represent the Pedestrians and Cyclists of Florida and help save lives.  Do it for Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, and Alexis.