Grassroots Strategy                                                                                       

It is very important to contact ALL YOUR specific Congressional Representatives. To find your District Representative visit the below Link and enter your address. This is required because Representatives are more willing to listen to their Constituents. 

I recommend contacting your Representatives using their Official Website, as well as following up on Facebook and with phone calls.

I don't list Party Affiliation because Pedestrian Safety is a Bi-Partisan Issue.

Sarasota County

Margaret Good
House Website
Capital: (850) 717-5072
Local: (941) 955-8077
Senator Joe Gruters Senate Website
Capital: (850) 487-5023
Local:  (941) 378-6309

Most Bills die in Sub-Committees.  So before this Legislation goes before the Senate we should find Sub-Committee Members to Co-Sponsor the Bills.

Florida Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development

Facebook Link
Chair:Senator Travis Hutson
Facebook Local: (386) 446-7610
Capital: (850) 487-5007
Vice Chair:Senator Perry E. Thurston, Jr.
Facebook - ?  Local:  (954) 321-2705
Capital: (850) 487-5033
Senator Jeff Brandes Facebook Local:  (727) 563-2100
Capital: (850) 487-5024
Senator Tom Lee Facebook Local:  (813) 653-7061
Capital: (850) 487-5020
Senator Keith Perry Facebook Local:  (352) 264-4040
Capital: (850) 487-5008
Senator Wilton Simpson Facebook Local:  (352) 688-5077
Capital: (850) 487-5010
Senator Annette Taddeo Facebook Local:  (305) 596-3003
Capital: (850) 487-5040
Senator Victor M. Torres, Jr. Facebook
Local:  (407) 846-5187
Capital: (850) 487-5015

Florida House Transportation & Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee

Facebook link
Chair:  Jay Trumbull
Local: (850) 914-6300  
Capital:  (850) 717-5006
Vice Chair: Chair:  Brad Drake
Local:   (850) 951-0547
Capital:  (850) 717-5005
Barbara Watson
Facebook Local:   (305) 654-7100
Capital: (850) 717-5107
Bobby B. Dubose
Facebook Local:  (954) 467-4206
Capital:  (850) 717-5094
Elizabeth Anne Fetterhoff
Facebook Local:   (954) 467-4206
Capital: (850) 717-5094
Joseph Geller
Facebook Local:   (954) 924-3708
Capital: (850) 717-5100
Blaise Ingoglia Facebook Local:   (352) 688-5004
Capital: (850) 717-5035
Thomas J. "Tom" Leek
Facebook Local:   (386) 238-4865
Capital: (850) 717-5025
Amber Mariano
Facebook Local:   (727) 861-4806
Capital: (850) 717-5036
Anthony Rodriguez
Facebook Local:   (305) 252-4352
Capital: (850) 717-5118
David Smith
Facebook Local:   (407) 971-3570
Capital: (850) 717-5028
Matt Willhite
Facebook Local:   (561) 791-4071
Capital: (850) 717-5086

Additional Local Contact Information:

Sarasota County Commissioners - 941-861-5000

Please ask your County Commissioner to have the Public Works Department relocate the Street Light Posts which obstruct the center of the sidewalk in front of the Sarasota Veterans Medical Clinic and the Urfer Family Park on Bee Ridge Road.  I doesn't matter if Bee Ridge Road is a FDOT controlled road.  The FDOT can't stop the County from correcting Sidewalk Obstructions.   

Michael A. Moran, (Vice Chair) Facebook Email
Christian Ziegle Facebook Email
Nancy C. Detert, Facebook Email
Alan Maio, Facebook Email
Charles D. Hines, Esq., (Chair) Facebook - ?
* = Bee Ridge Road District

If you want to report broken sidewalks, light out, etc.. you can visit where you can track the issue. 

Sarasota County Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Coordinator: Patrick Liu email:

Sarasota County Americans With Disabilities Act Coordinator:

Below is a Sample Letter you can copy and paste. Or, you may have your own Pedestrians Matter Story.

To The Honorable:

The Smart Growth America Dangerous By Design Report ranks Florida again as the deadliest State for Pedestrians. Please consider Sponsoring / Co-Sponsoring  two Bills which will significantly reduce Florida Pedestrian and Cyclists deaths.

1. The Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, Alexis Pedestrian Safety Compliance Bill.  (This Bill would transfer the control of Local Roads to Local Authorities, and mandate FDOT Pedestrian Safety Compliance Training.)

2.  The Sidewalk Obstruction Clear Zone Compliance Bill.  (This Bill would mandate the relocation of Street Light Posts which violate FHWA Clear Zone Standards as well as mandate FDOT Sidewalk Obstruction Standards Training.)

Your Sponsorship (or Co-Sponsorship) of these two Bills will save lives.

For more background information please visit the below Links:

Pedestrians Matter - exposes FDOT Pedestrian Safety Compliance Violations and recommends Pedestrian Safety Legislation.

The Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, Alexis Pedestrian Safety Compliance Bill (rough draft)

The Sidewalk Obstruction Clear Zone Compliance Bill (rough draft)

Thank you for your consideration.