Government Contacts

(You don't need to be Injured, Disabled, or from Florida to file an ADA Fraud Complaint.  We need as many people as possible to file complaints or the FDOT will continue to obstruct our sidewalks and install Deadly Wheelchair Curb Cuts.)

In my view, Utility Right of Way (Clear Zone Compliance) Complaints should be resolved by the Utilities Department relocating Non-Compliant Utilities.

When the Utilities Department (city, county, state, or feds) refers these Complaints to the Civil Rights Department in order to misrepresent the ADA and make the complaint go away, this is called Fraud and Conspiracy to commit Fraud.

You may contact me (Jeff Redding) at 941-227-6965, email:  Please Follow me on Twitter:  @ADAFRAUD

Photo shows Blind Pedestrian approaching
                          Utility Post obstructing center of sidewalk,
                          next to empty Utility Strip. Text reads;
                          "If you see something, say

(Photo shows Blind Pedestrian approaching Utility Post obstructing center of sidewalk, next to empty Utility Strip.  Text reads; "If you see something, say something"

1.  Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks on High Speed Multiple Lane Roads (unmarked wheelchair curb cuts) violate Federal Safety Guidelines and have killed 1,557 from 2000 - 2019.
2.  Misrepresenting the ADA to justify placing Utilities in the middle of the sidewalk rather than the Utility Strip violates FHWA Clear Zone Standards and is Criminal Fraud.
3. There is no Pedestrian Access from the Bee Ridge Road Sidewalk to the entrance of the Sarasota Veterans Medical Clinic.

If your Government Agency or NGO is listed below as not responding, and you would like to respond, then please email me and I would be happy to include your response in the below table.

The below Table shows who I have contacted and their response. 

( I recommend you scroll to the bottom of this Table and make phone calls to the Legislators and News Media.)

Agency / NGO
Florida Bar / Local Legal Aid
no response from Attorneys / Legal Aid said they could not help.
Sarasota County Government

no response, referred to FDOT
Sarasota County ADA Coordinator
no response
Sarasota County Sheriff
@SarasotaSheriff no response
@MyFDOT no response
FDOT Office of Inspector General
no response
Florida Governor Office of Open Government

no response (complaint filed on 3/4/21)
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
 (850) 717-9337
no response
Disability Rights Florida

no response to multiple complaints filed, Ms. Barb Page asked me to stop cc'ing her on emails because she didn't want the FDOT OIG to think that Disability Rights Florida was assisting me.
ACLU of Florida
no response
FHWA Office of Civil Rights
no response
DOT Office of Inspector General

no response
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA and Leaser want to add Pedestrian Access butt was told by FDOT they had to wait for them to finish a nearby road project.  (Why is the FDOT telling the VA what they can do on Private Property?)
U.S Access Board
responded, said they would contact VA concerning Access Complaint, was referred to the USDOJ concerning ADA Fraud Complaint (misplaced curb cuts / utilities)
USDOJ Civil Rights Division
(File a Complaint Here)
referred to local Civil Rights Attorney or Legal Aid
Representative Joe Gruters
(941) 378-6309

no response
Representative Vern Buchanan
(941) 951-6643
no response
Representative Marco Rubio
(866) 630-7106
no response
Representative Rick Scott

no response
no response
(727) 577-8477
no response
Sarasota Your Observer Newspaper
(more contact info here)

no response
Sarasota Herald Tribune
no response
Sarasota SNN TV

(941) 361-4600

no response

1.  The Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, Alexis, Pedestrian Safety Compliance Bill.  This Bill would relinquish control of Local Roads (roads with speed limits of 45mph and below) from the FDOT to Local Authorities (like in most other States).  This Bill would also require FDOT Employees to undergo training in the use of Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks and Pedestrian Safety Islands.

2.  The Sidewalk Obstruction Clear Zone Compliance Bill.  This Bill would require that State FDOT District ADA Coordinators have former Education and Work Experience in the ADA.  This Bill also requires FDOT Employees to undergo training in FHWA Clear Zone Safety Standards and ADA Wheelchair Pass By Standards.  In addition this Bill requires the FDOT to relocate Street Lamp Posts which violate FHWA Clear Zone Standards.

  If you want to report broken sidewalks, lights out, etc.. you can visit where you can track the issue.