Photos and Videos

This is a Before Photo from the FDOT of a so called "Pedestrian Safety Island".  Notice the nice family crossing and the Caution Lines painted on the road.

FDOT Proposed
                          Pedestrian Safety Island

Here is an After Photo of Bee Ridge Road Pedestrian Safety Island #11.  This is actually an Unmarked, Uncontrolled Mid-Block Crosswalk on a High Speed (45mph), High Traffic (ADT over 40,000) Road.  Notice how the photo also shows how the FDOT obstructed the center of the sidewalk with a Light Post.

Pedestrina Safety Island 11

(This is Bee Ridge Road Pedestrian Safety Island #11. 

The Light Posts on Bee Ridge Road obstruct the sidewalk in front of the Veterans Medical Clinic and the Urfer Family Park.  Many Cyclists have been injured by this Safety Compliance violation.    These Light Posts are also a hazard to Blinded Veterans who walk to the Sarasota Veterans Medical Clinic.

In the above video I talk about how I think the FDOT is committing ADA Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud.

Light Post
                        obstructs Sidewalk

Below is a Flickr Slideshow of the 73 Light Posts which obstruct the Bee Ridge Road Sidewalk.  The Photos have been marked to indicate where the Posts should be located.  Please quickly click the > button and think about what it is like for children who ride their bicycles on this sidewalk.

Light Posts

This is totally wrong!  Street Light Posts should be located in the Utility Strip or at the edge of the Right of Way (sidewalk). 

This two minute video shows Pedestrian Safety Island #11 on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota.  There are no Lines painted on the road, and no Pedestrian Crossing Signs, or Signalization on this 45mph road. 

The cyclist accidents on this road with no bicycle lane are a result of the FDOT obstructing the sidewalk with Light Posts.

The above video shows the proper way to install a Street Light Post.  The Post is as far as possible at the edge of the sidewalk.  And, the Footer is sunken below the sidewalk.  Thank you Sarasota County for making our sidewalks safe for all Pedestrians.

The below video is of myself interviewing FDOT Public Information Specialist Robin Stublen.  I don't like this guy.  He was appointed to his job by Governor Scott because he was a big Tea Party Activist.  I don't think he is aware that he is Unlawfully misrepresenting ADA Wheelchair Compliance to justify obstructing the Pedestrian Right of Way.  I wanted to tell him that ADA Wheelchair Pass By Compliance was irrelevant but he ran away. 

Below is the 2019 Smart Growth America Dangerous By Design Webinar.

It upset me listening to Mr. Billy Holloway Former District Head at the FDOT and current Orlando Transportation Director .I really didn't like his comment about the AASHTO Green Book Safety Standards being flexible.  Billy seams to have bad luck, the pedestrian deaths increase where ever he is working.

I liked the moderators comments at the end of the Webinar concerning State accountability and funding.  If we keep giving the deadliest States or Districts withing States more money, it is like rewarding them for killing Pedestrians.  Perhaps we should be withholding money from the Deadliest States and Districts within States.

This is why Local Authorities should control Local Roads and not the DOT (like in other States).

Google Street View

Below are links to the Google Street View of the 12 "Pedestrian Safety Islands" on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida.  These Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks are very unsafe and are violating Unmarked and Uncontrolled Mid-Block Crosswalk Safety Standards.

Look at these and you will see why I call them "Fake Crosswalks".

If you drive on Bee Ridge Road you will not even notice these "Fake Crosswalks".  The Still Photos and Google Street Views don't show the 50,000 daily vehicles passing at 45 -50 mph.  Tax Payers paid $17 million for these 12 "Fake Crosswalks".

The most expensive Real Estate in Florida is not on our Beach Shores, it is in our Road Medians.
Phillippi Creek Bridge  PSI  East end of bridge

PSI#1 Between Dearborn Ave. and School Ave.

PSI#2 Between School Ave. and Lime Ave.

PSI#3 Between Shade Ave. and Whiporwill Cir.

PSI#4 Between Midland Rd. and Umatillo Ave.

PSI#5 Between Lockwood Ridge Rd. and Village Green Dr.

PSI#6 Between Rockefeller Ave. and Bell Ave.

PSI#7 Between Bell Ave. and Beneva Rd.

PSI#8 Between Riviera Dr. and Forest Lake Dr.

PSI#9 Between Twilight Pl. and Stardust Pl.

PSI#10 Between Belmont Blvd. and Strathmore Blvd.

PSI#11 Between MacIntosh Rd. and Oakhurst Blvd.