Since the State refuses to follow Established Safety Regulations I recommend the following:

Please contact your Government Representatives and tell them the FDOT is placing Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks which far exceed established Safety Standards and that the FDOT is committing ADA Fraud to justify obstructing our sidewalks.

Please contact your Florida Congressional Representatives and ask them to Sponsor two Pedestrian Safety Compliance Bills.

1.  The Jessica, Lillia, Isabel, and Alexis Pedestrian Safety Compliance Bill.  This Bill would relinquish control of Local Roads (roads with speed limits of 45mph and below) from the FDOT to Local Authorities (like in most other States).  This Bill would also require FDOT Employees to undergo training in the use of Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks and Pedestrian Safety Islands.

Jessica and Lillia

2.  The Sidewalk Obstruction Clear Zone Compliance Bill.  This Bill would require that State FDOT District ADA Coordinators have former Education and Work Experience in the ADA.  This Bill also requires FDOT Employees to undergo training in FHWA Clear Zone Safety Standards and ADA Wheelchair Pass By Standards.  In addition this Bill requires the FDOT to relocate Street Lamp Posts which violate FHWA Clear Zone Standards.

Lamp Post Obstructing Sidewalk