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The Federal and State Government has Safety Standards for the placement of Crosswalks, Wheelchair Curb Cuts,  and Utility Posts.  However, you don't need to be an Engineer or Roadway Safety Expert to know it is wrong to obstruct the Pedestrian Right of Way, or to build Wheelchair Curb Cuts which encourage Jaywalkers on Busy High Speed Roads.

In February 2002 the FHWA issued a Report Titled: Safety Effects of Marked vs Unmarked Crosswalks at uncontrolled Locations.  This Report clearly shows that it is very dangerous to place Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks on High Traffic, High Speed, Multiple Lane Roads.

IIHS-HlDI May 8th, 2018 Study highlights rising pedestrian deaths, points towards solutions.

The Pedestrian Refuge Island Photos in the below FDOT Report look nothing like the ones they installed on Bee Ridge Road., and around Florida where 130 Pedestrians a year are killed in Unmarked Mid-Block Crosswalks / Pedestrian. Refuge Islands.

2019 FDOT Mid-Block Crosswalks

Florida Department of Transportation

2006 FDOT Sponsored Study Prepared by the

Center for Urban Transportation Research.
"While existing evidence is still uncertain in whether placing midblock crosswalks at uncontrolled locations will improve pedestrian safety, the report has incorporated this uncertainty into the guidelines developed. The State Traffic Engineering and Operations Office is in the process of developing guidelines for placing midblock crosswalks at uncontrolled locations for the Traffic Engineering Manual. The results from this report could become an important source of information."

Pedestrian Safety
at Midblock Locations

September 2006 Contract Number: BD544-16

Roadway Design / Roadway Criteria / Bicycle and Pedestrians / Pedestrian Facilities

FHWA Clear Zone Standards clearly state (see Item 6).  "FHWA policy is that utility facilities should be located as close to the right-of-way line as feasible."  The center of the sidewalk should be reserved for Pedestrians.

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