Sidewalk Obstructions

The FDOT is violating Sidewalk Obstruction Safety Standards (and committing ADA Fraud).

The Light Posts on Bee Ridge Road obstruct the sidewalk in front of the Veterans Medical Clinic and the Urfer Family Park.  Many Cyclists have been injured by this Safety Compliance violation.    These Light Posts are also a hazard to Blinded Veterans who walk to the Sarasota Veterans Medical Clinic.

                      Post obstruct sidewalk in front of Veterans
                      Medical Clinic

The FDOT misrepresents the ADA when they tell Pedestrians that they can place Street Light Posts anywhere on the sidewalk as long as a Standard Wheelchair can pass by the Light Post.  Approximately 75 Light Posts were placed in the middle of the Bee Ridge Road Sidewalk.  This is totally wrong!  Street Light Posts should be located in the Utility Strip or at the edge of the Right of Way (sidewalk).  The FDOT is misrepresenting the ADA to justify obstructing the sidewalk.  I think this is not only Unethical, I think it is Unlawful.  The FDOT needs to realize that the Pedestrian Right of Way should be given the same considerations as the automobile Right of Way.  You wouldn't place a Utility Post in the middle of the roadway, so don't do it in the middle of the Pedestrian Right of Way. 

I think misrepresenting ADA Wheelchair Pass By Standards in order to save your Billionaire Contractor a few bucks is unethical and Unlawful.  Utility Post Right of Way Obstruction Complaints should be resolved by the Utilities Department relocating Utilities.  Referring these complaints to the Civil Rights Department in order to misrepresent the ADA should be considered Conspiracy to commit Fraud.

Below is a Flickr Slideshow of the 73 Light Posts which obstruct the Bee Ridge Road Sidewalk.  The Photos have been marked to indicate where the Posts should be located.  Please quickly click the > button and think about what it is like for children who ride their bicycles on this sidewalk.

Light Posts

What would happen if a Business or Resident put a Light Post in the middle of the sidewalk?  The Government should be held accountable to the same Laws and Safety Standards as the People.  Pedestrian Right of Way Obstructions on Florida Sidewalks should be relocated in order to comply with established Sidewalk Obstruction Safety Standards.

In the above video how I think the FDOT is misrepresenting the ADA and committing Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud.

                      Post in the middle of the sidewalk obstructs
                      adaptive bicycle.

If you see something, say something.